“Noces d’eau” is a suspenseful short fiction film set in Benin.

Kémi is a French man of Beninese origin living in Paris. One day, while looking through his grandfather’s belongings, he found a photo of a house in Benin on the edge of the lagoon. A house that once belonged to his family and had now become a vacation home. Freshly arrived in Cotonou, Kemi decided to book the house for a weekend with friends in the hopes of learning more about his family and his origins. His Grandfather Sourou, an old, reserved and austere man, had severed all ties with Benin when he relocated to France. Along with his friend Thomas, his wife Afiavi and the beautiful Meriga, Kemi encounters a mysterious young woman named Angèle. He saves her in extremis from drowning in the lagoon. She says she knows her grandfather Sourou….