“Autodidact” is a short film that explores the ability to learn outside the framework of conventional learning. Through this documentary, we put forward personalities who today live from their passion and who did not let themselves be slowed down by their lack of professional training.

We follow four artists who are completely different in terms of their universe, age, and origin so that they can tell us about their unique path, their passion, and their challenge in finding their unique way.

Each artist tells us in an intimate way his path through interviews where the camera is intrusive by close-ups in order to capture the soul of the artist. We wanted to create a link between them as if they were crossed destinies.

Through these encounters, we understand that when a strong desire is born from within, we are capable of overcoming everything to reach our goal.

Each of them needed no one to take action to realize their desire, and the others allowed them to master their art, it can be an inspiration, a tutor, a mentor, or a model